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Publisher Contact Information
(updated June 8, 2008)

As a service to College of San Mateo faculty members, the Bookstore has compiled a list of commonly used publishers at College of San Mateo. Click on a Publisher Quick Link below for the publisher representative's name and contact information.

Some publishers require that desk copy requests be made by mail or fax on college letterhead or NACS/AAP desk copy request form. Please click here to download the NACS/AAP desk copy request form.

Please contact the bookstore if the publisher you are looking for is not listed.

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Publisher Quick Links

BarCharts Merriam-Webster
Dover Publications Elsevier Health Science
Includes: Saunders and Mosby
EMC Paradigm Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers
Hal Leonard Music Publishers Harper Collins Publishers
Houghton Mifflin John Wiley & Sons
Kendall Hunt Labyrinth Publications

W. W. Norton & Co.

REA Publishers
Pearson Education
Includes: Prentice Hall, Chek-Chart, PeachPit Press, Addison-Wesley, Benjamin Cummings, Allyn & Bacon, Longman, Longman ESL, and Pearson Custom Publishing
Cengage Learning
Includes: Course Technology, Heinle & Heinle, Wadsworth, Delmar, West Legal Studies, Harcourt Brace, and Brooks/Cole
Random House CSM Bookstore Custom Printing
Simon & Schuster F. A. Davis Publishing
Sybex Publishing Penguin Publishing
Macmillan Publishing Service
Includes: Bedford, St. Martin's Press,
W. H. Freeman, and Worth Publishing
Includes: McGraw-Hill, Glencoe, Mayfield
Oxford University Press  


Greg Chickman Phone: 650-574-3059
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-226-7799

Dover Publications

Dan Perlman Fax: 415-626-9885
Sales Representative Phone: 800-223-3130

Elsevier Health Science

Judy Daugherty Phone: 800-453-7998 ext. 5573
Sales Representative E-mail:

EMC Paradigm

Timothy Denly Phone: 800-848-8122
Account Manager E-mail:

Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers

Mark Jaderstrom Phone: 800-634-7479
Sales Representative E-mail:

Hal Leonard Music Publications

  Phone: 800-524-4425
  Fax: 414-774-3259

Harper Collins Publishers

  Fax: 800-822-4090
  Please see for special instructions.

Houghton Mifflin

Tina Allen Company Phone: 650-366-6356
Sales Representative E-mail:

John Wiley & Sons

Brian Collins Phone: 415-824-4129
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-945-3933

Kendall Hunt

To Be Determined Phone:
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-228-0810

Labyrinth Publications, Inc.

Jason Favro Phone: 800-228-2475
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-552-9746

McGraw-Hill Publishing

Sheila Mazzoni Phone: 408-399-4955
Sales Representative E-mail:
Economics, Accounting, Business
Jack Powers Phone: 314-601-5511
Sales Representative E-mail:

English, Foreign Language, Social Science, Humanities, Health & Human Performance

Annette Acosta Phone: 510-261-7030
Sales Representative Fax: 510-261-9030
English as a Second Language
Susan Asche Phone: 800-2582365
Sales Representative Fax: 563-584-6575
Computer Applications, Microsoft Press, Oracle Press, Programming Languages
Kevin Ernzen Phone: 415-515-9015
Sales Representative E-mail:
Math, Nutrition, Physical & Biological Sciences


Sarah Fett Phone: 800-201-5029 ext. 141
Sales Representative E-mail:

Penguin Publishing

  Company Fax: 212-366-2679
  Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

Pearson Education

Gretchen Puttkamer

Phone: 415-599-6200

Sales Represenatative E-mail:
Arts & Physical Sciences, Including: Science, Math, Economics, Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy
Brett Miller

Phone: 650-598-0356

Sales Representative E-mail:
Humanities & Social Sciences, Including: English (excluding ESL), Education, Psychology, Political Science, History
Tracy Bailie
Longman ESL Sales Representative Phone: 510-981-0375
Longman ESL
Gina Gimelli

Phone: 530-320-9976

Sales Representative E-mail:
Professional & Career including: Business, Career, Nursing, Dental, Cosmetology, AutoCad, Administration of Justice, Architecture, Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science and Economics (Prentice Hall titles only)

Random House

  Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

REA Publishers

Dan Perlman Phone: 415-626-9885
Sales Representative Company Phone: 732-819-8880

Simon & Schuster

Company Fax: 800-943-9831
  Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

CSM Bookstore Custom Printing

James Peacock or Mary Leonard Phone: 650-574-6367
  Company Fax: 650-358-6878
Copyrighted and non-copyrighted material

Sybex Publishing

Betty Whitford Phone: 800-945-3933
Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

Cengage Learning (Formerly Thompson)

Kyle Rohrs Company Phone: 408-757-3409
Sales Representative E-mail:
Accounting, Business, Economics, Real Estate
Christine McNelly Phone: 800-648-7450
Sales Representative E-mail:
Course Technology, AutoDesk Press, Delmar, Milady, West Legal Studies
Christian Lorentz  
Sales Representative E-mail:
English as a Second Language
Lisa Johnson-Roth Phone: 925-878-1745
Sales Representative E-mail:
Computer Science, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Nutrition, Sciences, Statistics
Christine Sosa Phone:
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-876-2350 ext. 7264
Antropology, Criminal Justice, Education, History, Psychology, Political Science, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Art, College Success, Communications, English, Journalism, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Speech, Humanities
Joanne Woods  
Sales Representative Phone: 866-349-2431 ext. 3316

Macmillan Publishing Services
(formerly Von Holtzbrink Pub.) 

Christopher Vaughn Phone: 408-737-9050
Sales Representative E-mail:
Bedford, St. Martins, Freeman, Worth

W. W. Norton & Co.

Kimberly Crivellone-Barr Company Phone: 800-353-9909 ext. 613
Sales Representative E-mail:

Oxford University Press

Andrea Hill Company Phone: 800-280-0280
Sales Representative  
Humanities & Social Science
Jim Brooks Company Phone: 866-280-7250
Sales Representative  
Business, Engineering & Science

F. A. Davis Publishing

Doug Reynolds  
Sales Representative E-mail: