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Buy Back Disclaimer: Buy back quantities and prices shown may change without notice.

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If your books are in good condition, be there early to get the most for your textbooks.

Selling back your books is a great way to battle the rising cost of textbooks. When you sell back your books, you allow others to purchase from a stock of used inventory--saving them a lot of extra money. Do something good for yourself...and your fellow students. Sell back your books today!


To get the most for your books,
make sure they have no:

Ink Writing Excessive Highlighting Water Damage

If your books came as part of a set or package don't forget to bring:

CD's Workbooks Lab Manuals
Study Guides Cassette Tapes Practice Tests

Don't wait too long.
While we make every effort to give you the most back for your books, don't wait too long--some books have limited quantities being purchased. The condition of the book, national demand, new editions, missing pieces and overstocks can affect the resale value of your books. Sell back your books today!